Welcome to RuneBay! We are an upcoming RS&RSPS community with a built in RSPS Top List.

The Road Ahead
Hello everyone! I am posting this thread way before I will be ready to open up the community, but here's basically my plan for the site at this moment.

RuneBay is going to be a centralized RuneScape and RSPS forum.  I am going to be developing a toplist for our forum, that should be a fairly easy project. I need to develop some sort of vouch system for the marketplace.  That will likely come after the community is opened up. I will be paying for a professional graphics artist to redo the logo.  I just quickly made this one in Photoshop so it is definitely temporary.

Here's my to do list.  I will be referencing this thread for myself and to track all the things I do.

1. Gambling plugin needs some work. (Gambling is simply for fun.  We do not do withdrawals.  You will be able to spend the GP onsite.)
2. RSPS toplist plugin (Similar to how Rune-Server does it)
3. New Graphics(Logo, forum icons, userbars)
4. Admins can set a users display name as a small image
5. Lots of advertising
6. Get a good moderator for the forums. (I will hold applications once we have around 100 active members)
7. ???

Thanks again for your patience, there is a lot to do, I don't want the community to be the same as it was before.  I'd like to bring something unique to the table.
RSPS Toplist will be developed quite soon, ETA of probably less than 2 weeks. I have yet to do any advertising, but I think my first step will be to reach out to some popular RSPS' and get them listed on my toplist. Would be nice to get a few of the owners as members too. I'm thinking of getting a feature developed that would essentially be like a verified tick on twitter, basically verifying that they are someone important (In the RS/RSPS community).

I'll be establishing groups here soon, and getting some better graphics paid for. Also I am thinking up possible awards and award goals. I think we still got a long way to go but I want my future members to know that this has been an ongoing effort. I think we can have a really amazing community that the RSPS and RS scene seems to lack.
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Please don't hesitate to contact me for any issues, bug, ideas, etc
Decent progress is being made with the upcoming RSPS Toplist. I will need to contact some RSPS owners to make sure it can integrate properly into their games, plus I need to advertise this forum and get a community started. So far most of my threads have been placeholders, or really like plans for me to follow and go back to.

I'd love to get us going somewhere soon, but I think I may be looking for some more unique features for the forum. Anyway, I'll be posting updates as things happen, but check out https://www.runebay.com/toplist.php to see that feature. (Mobile site needs work, currently only viewable on a computer. Maybe a tablet)
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Please don't hesitate to contact me for any issues, bug, ideas, etc

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