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The NBA 2K League has a loyal following
The NBA 2K League has a loyal following. But earlier this year when stay-at-home advisories and the quarantine began to roll out, it had been exposed to the masses. Including adding nearly 750,000 YouTube subscribers in February alone, according influencer advertising platform CreatorIQ it has been 2K20 MT growing exponentially over programs in 2020.

The NBA2K League also brings a younger viewers with more than 75 percent of the viewers under 24, into the table, according to CreatorIQ. And the esports community, in general, could be considered the next generation of sports fans -- that may help ESPN not just weather this storm, but place itself. Moreover, the gaming community has a exceptional set of interests in style, engineering, music, and art, starting up the programming and advertising opportunities to an entirely new faculty of brands in regards to esports integrations with network TV.

"The NBA2K Championship on ESPN proved there is an appetite for and approval of esports content on the TV screen, but it actually only scratched the surface of their options," explained Ed Tomasi, the managing director of esports in culture and lifestyle platform Subnation. "Integrations like this won't just usher in another wave of sports, but the next wave of forward-thinking brands wanting to associate with these cross legged sports lovers and customers."

With no sign on when live sports return -- and if they'll have fans in attendance when that happens -- esports generates the nearest thing for brands and audiences looking to scratch a competitive itch with movie content. Since the quarantine continues, we will see how ESPN and other sports content founders look to Buy NBA 2K20 MT Coins adopt esports and also this new dynamic in more interesting ways.

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