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Minigames By RS Phoenix | 100% professional & hand-done | With Pricelist
[Image: AAlTzvsJjnI1I4Q4aFLWM2h0dHBzOi8vaS5pbWd1...90Qi5wbmc=] [Image: 6nOeUwKKivI68DbQWh0dHBzOi8vaS5pbWd1ci5jb...djUS5wbmc=] [Image: ZB2+HCDV1pbJGbp2pH7rGGh0dHBzOi8vaS5pbWd1...FxYS5wbmc=]
Discord: RS Phoenix#0001 (nitro user)

(UID: 590880314855915564)
None to Rune: 10M
None to Dragon: 14M
Each Additional Defender: 2M
Rune to Dragon: 4M
Novice 40K per point (Set with 1helm: 34M)
Intermediate 35K per point (Set with 1helm: 30M)
Veteran 30K per point (Set with 1helm: 25.5M)
Barbarian Assault
Fighter Torso: 20M
Any Hat: 15M
Master any 5lvl role: 20M
Prices may be different for unusual account stats/ironman accounts.
Terms of Service
1. We are not responsible for any ban or mute for your account. All services we complete are hand-done.
2. You will pay for service before we complete it, unless agreed otherwise.
3. You have to change your password after service is completed.
4. You will not login to your account after we started, doing so may result in service cancel without refund.
5. We can refuse any order without explanation.

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