Hydra Bets Discord Server!
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11-21-2019, 09:50 PM

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[Image: 41.png][Image: 63.png]About Us[Image: 63.png][Image: 41.png]
Hydra Bets, in Association with Chicks Gold is the new revamped discord gambling server. We offer Provably Fair gambling with an in service developer!
[Image: 55.png][Image: 14.png]How To Start Gambling![Image: 14.png][Image: 55.png]
Join our discord by clicking here: Join the Hydra Bets Discord Server!
Once you arrive in lobby set a seed with the command !seed (Then type your desired seed)
After you've completed enter a game room and check the pinned messages to start![Image: 41.png]
[Image: 61.png]Games[Image: 61.png]
Currently available to play is a variety of games including:
-High Low
-Whip Dice .VS. Host
-Dice Duels .VS. Host
-Loot Chests
[Image: 47.png][Image: 32.png]More Information[Image: 32.png][Image: 47.png]
With the "Provably Fair" system utilized by our bot, all bets are safe and fair. If you have any concerns the algorithm set can be verified at any time.
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For all your OSRS and RS3 needs please visit us at our website or join our Discord: Chicks Gold!

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